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  2000 Owens Brothers Scholarship
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Michelle R. Whaley
Motlow State Community College

Michelle Whaley
(photographed by 6 yr old daughter Cadence)

I am a returning college student who is married and also a parent. I am returning to college to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an elementary school teacher where I can give guidance, support, and influence to our nation's future leaders. Becoming a parent has given me the determination to succeed with my career ambitions. I am determined to continue my college education, to graduate, to become a positive influence, and to show my children what an important step education is for the future.

I am graduating from Motlow State Community College in Lynchburg with an Associate of Arts Degree on May 13, 2000. 1 will then transfer to Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro this fall to pursue my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. Upon completion of my bachelor's degree, I plan to teach any grade K through 4. 
1 am married to a wonderful husband, John, who has been very supportive of my educational decisions. He recently participated with me on a Geology class field trip to Georgia to collect rock and mineral specimens. Upon completion of the trip, he stated that he would never look at a rock the same way again. I also have two fantastic children, a daughter, Cadence who is 6, and a son, Chayton, who is 2. They too have also been very supportive and patient with mommy's "homework and study time." My daughter constantly brings home fossils such as crinoids from school and her favorite mineral is amethyst quartz. My son loves "momma's rocks" and his favorite specimen is "shark teeth!".

I have several personal hobbies that I enjoy which include reading, walking, planting flowers, aerobic exercising, and collecting watches. Most of all I enjoy the quality time that I spend with my family. We love to go camping. We also like to go boat riding and roller-skating.

I just want to thank you again for your encouragement and support toward my educational goals. This award means a great deal to me and will help greatly with my future educational endeavors. Thanks so much! 

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