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  2001 Owens Brothers Scholarship
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Amanda Robison
Motlow State Community College

Amanda Robison

My name is Amanda Robison, and I am a sophomore at Motlow State Community College.  I graduated from Coffee County Central High School in May of 200 and ranked 3rd in my class.  I currently live in Hillsboro, TN and work at the AEDC Federal Credit Union.  I am proud and grateful to say that I was the 2000-2001 recipient of the Owens Brothers' Scholarship.  I am seeking a degree in early childhood education (K-8) and plan to continue my education at Middle Tennessee State University.  I completed a Geology class in the Spring of 2001 at Motlow.  I know that a knowledge of Geology is very important for me as a future teacher.  Science is a subject that has become of a less importance in the early childhood curriculum.  This is very ironic because science is usually the subject children are most intrigued by.  I hope as a teacher I can teach children the importance of geology and all other sciences.  I want to say thank you for your generosity in giving me the wonderful donation to help me with my school endeavors.  You all are very generous and kind.

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