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  2006 LaVelle Smith Scholarship
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Amy Laurene Herren
Tennessee Technological University

Amy Laurene Herren

Hello, my name is Amy Laurene Herren, but everyone just calls me Amy Lou. I am honored to be this year’s recipient of the LaVelle Smith scholarship. I am currently a twenty-one year old junior in Environmental Geology at Tennessee Tech University and I have loved rocks ever since I can remember. I am from Baxter, TN, and I lived there all my life until just recently when I moved to Cookeville. I graduated from Upperman High School in 2003. I enjoy photography, hiking, caving, playing softball and volleyball, and laughing. I was lucky enough to be able to go on this year’s spring geology field trip to Hawaii and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Currently secretary of the Geo Club I was voted to be President for the next academic school year! I would like to send my special thanks out to all those members of MTGMS for all the wonderful work you do for the young aspiring geologist like myself. Your efforts make it possible for the field of geology to continue to grow in all directions. May everyone have a great and splendid rest of the year ahead of you!


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