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Tennessee Earth Science Teachers

The Tennessee Earth Science Teachers (T.E.S.T.) is for "all" K-12 teachers who have an interest in the Earth. This association provides opportunities for teachers to network with other teachers across the state, especially through the integration of Earth Science with other sciences and disciplines. TEST members aim to build understanding by sharing activities and learning through workshops, presentations, and field trips.

Every year, TEST plays a key role in presenting workshops and providing free materials for the classroom teacher at the Tennessee Science Teachers Association (TSTA) Conference. This past November, the TEST "Rock Box" Workshops were among the best-attended workshop at the conference. Almost 200 boxes with 24 specimens of rocks found in Tennessee., along with a handbook of activities, were handed out to elementary, middle school, and high school teachers. The Mid-Tennessee Gem & Mineral Society helps support the T.E.S.T programs.

To learn more about TEST, visit the TEST web site:


The membership application may be found on-line. The dues, which are $10 per year, offer networking, field trips, and opportunities for continued education. The combination of classroom teachers, university professors, and current research, both in the classroom and in the field, gives a clearer picture and understanding of science education in today's world.

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